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Nooelec NESDR SMArTee v2 SDR - Premium RTL-SDR w/ Aluminum Enclosure, Bias Tee, 0.5PPM TCXO, SMA Input. RTL2832U & R820T2-Based

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Premium RTL-SDR w/ aluminum enclosure, always-on bias tee, 0.5PPM TCXO and SMA input.

Designed and fabricated by Nooelec in North America!
Full 2-year product warranty.

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This premium RTL-SDR was designed, developed and fabricated by Nooelec in the USA and Canada, and comes complete with a full 2-year product warranty.

We designed this SDR from the ground up in order to develop the best low-cost SDR in existence.

The result? A reduction in the noise floor of an AVERAGE of ~3dB over the already high-performing NESDR SMArt (v1-v3)--with an additional always-on bias-tee feature--all in the same fantastic form factor!

The NESDR SMArTee v2 is fully equivalent in terms of function, noise performance and sensitivity to NESDR SMArt v4, but with an added DC power output (4.5V @ 250mA max) on the antenna port to power active electronics like our SAWbird series of LNA modules


  • NESDR SMArTee SDR w/ brushed aluminum enclosure

SDR features:

  • The NESDR SMArTee contains the same ultra-low phase noise 0.5PPM TCXO used in our much smaller Nano 3 (TCXO specifications below), ensuring ultimate tuning stability in nearly any environment.
  • In the quest for lower noise, the power supply section utilizes an RF-suitable voltage regulator with under 10 µVRMS of noise. That is at least 10x lower than other designs!
  • A quality shielded inductor was used in the power supply to improve EMI rejection.
  • The included aluminum enclosure ensures stray EMI stays where it belongs--away from the sensitive RF circuitry.
  • Lower board-level temperatures further improves the SDR noise floor.
  • Full ESD circuitry on both the antenna input and the USB port provides protection for your investment, and peace of mind that your SDR will work when you need it most.

Bias-Tee features:

  • RF-suitable 4.5V regulator provides DC output to power your active electronics.
  • Bias-tee does NOT need to be enabled with hardware or software hacks. No need to mess around with software or drivers to enable your bias tee!
  • Regulator adds less than 10 µVRMS of noise.
  • Bias-tee can provide up to 250mA to your active circuitry without exceeding USB power limitations (500mA).
  • Protection circuitry is included to prevent permanent damage from accidental short-circuits.
  • NOTE: Do NOT permanently short the antenna port! The protection circuitry is designed for periodic and inadvertent short circuits only!

Thermal features:

  • The new PCB design of the NESDR SMArTee results in temperatures an average of 10ºC lower than the NESDR SMArt (v1-v3)!
  • A custom heatsink is affixed to the primary PCB with 3M thermal adhesive, to wick heat away from the circuit board and towards the enclosure.
  • 2 pieces of silicone thermal pad spread the rest of the heat away from the device hot spots.
  • Power consumption has been reduced by an average of 10mA, which means less heat is generated compared to other designs.
  • The result is much lower board-level temperatures--increasing stability, improving sensitivity and ensuring maximum frequency range capability. The changes were first simulated, and then field-tested with a Flir E8.

Form factor features:

  • The NESDR SMArt series of SDRs were designed to minimize annoying USB port occlusion. This ensures they can be used side by side in any USB-compliant device, including tightly-spaced embedded devices. There is no need to remove the enclosure to run multiple SDRs beside one another!
  • The form factor re-design allowed us to move to the more universal SMA antenna input.

SDR Specifications:

  • RTL2832U Demodulator/USB interface IC
  • R820T2 tuner IC
  • 4.5V 250mA always-on bias tee
  • 0.5PPM, ultra-low phase noise TCXO
  • RF-suitable voltage regulator
  • Shielded primary inductor
  • Integrated custom heatsink
  • Female SMA antenna input
  • High-quality black brushed aluminum enclosure
  • Through-hole direct sampling pads on PCB

SDR TCXO Specifications:

  • Frequency stability: 0.5PPM (max)
  • Phase noise @1kHz offset: -138dBc/Hz (or better)
  • Phase noise @10kHz: -150dBc/Hz (or better)
  • Phase noise @100kHz: -152dBc/Hz (or better)

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 100777
UPC 0616469146229
USB Interface IC RTL2832U
Tuner IC R820T2
Frequency Range (approximate) 25MHz - 1750MHz
TCXO clock Yes
Antenna Connector Type SMA Female
Antenna Included? No
Remote Included? No
Additional Accessories No


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